Manufactured Stone Siding

Lighter and easier to apply than natural stone, Florida Manufactured Stone siding for homes, businesses and commercial buildings is attractive and available in five styles from Athga. More than a dozen colors and custom molded shapes and sizes for corners and facade effects make Architectural Stone Creations manufactured stone a smart choice in faux stone exteriors and interiors.

Molded and manufactured in the United States, our manufactured stone is resistant to weathering, insects and wear and tear that diminish the appearance of traditional exterior siding. Requiring less face load weight than natural stone and a more modest investment in material costs and shipping costs than traditional stone, manufactured stone is ideal for the fifty year life span planning common in commercial property development and will maintain lease ready appearance far longer than many less durable exteriors.

Applied professionally by masons, the light weight and easy handling of Architectural manufactured stone assures prompt and efficient completion of commercial construction projects. The Athga has outlets and showrooms for their manufactured stone near Atlanta Georgia and near Charleston South Carolina.