Intrenchment Creek Park

Intrenchment Creek Park is a public park located in southeast Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The park is situated in the Intrenchment Creek Watershed and spans approximately 53 acres. The park’s address is 680 S. River Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30315.

Intrenchment Creek Park was named after the creek that runs through it, which is called Intrenchment Creek. The creek was named during the American Civil War when Confederate troops dug trenches along the creek as part of their defense of Atlanta. The name “Intrenchment” refers to these trenches. After the war, the land around the creek was used for agriculture and later became part of the city of Atlanta. The park was created in the 2000s as part of an effort to preserve green space in the area and provide recreational opportunities for local residents.

South River Industrial Boulevard is located on Moreland Ave. just north of the intersection with I-285. This is part of Atlanta, and near the Atlanta neighborhood South River Gardens.

East and slightly north from the park is Key Rd. SE where the Atlanta Prison Farm is located.